Environmental Services (EVS) In Healthcare

As the first line of defense against infection diseases within a hospital, EVS services is a critical component in any healthcare facility. For healthcare facilities, however, it can be difficult to find a qualified, specialty cleaning provider able to work around the schedules of staff and patients alike.

At Pinnacle, we provide environmental services (EVS) in several major hospitals and individual practices, ensuring that all our clients’ facilities are properly cleaned and disinfected, reducing the risk of potential infections. Our EVS hospital services are performed under strict infection control guidelines.


Terminal Cleaning

Typically performed once a day at the end of the day, terminal cleaning includes the end-to-end, top-to-bottom cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. Primarily, this type of cleaning occurs in the operating room, but may occur in other rooms pending facility needs.


Operating Room

Pinnacle staff ensure that all surfaces in operating rooms are deeply disinfected and cleaned between surgeries to ensure that the same remains sanitary and safe for patients and healthcare staff alike. Deep sanitization of these rooms is quick and efficient to provide patients with shorter waiting times.


Decontamination Rooms

Decontamination rooms receive critical attention as they are used for sterilizing objects used for surgery and other sensitive operations. Ensuring the cleanliness of these areas significantly impact surgery success rates and reduction of complications for patients post operation.


Pre-Op and PACU Rooms

Pinnacle staff clean and deep-disinfect the Pre-Op and Post Anesthetic Care Units once a day to ensure that these temporary rooms are safe for patients as they prepare for operation. Cleaning of these rooms is essential to ensure patients remain ready for surgery without risk of exposure to infection and can recover in a clean environment.


Customized Services to Fit Your Facility

There is no cookie cutter methodology to designing an EVS program for your healthcare facility. Pinnacle’s specialty EVS cleaning has been designed carefully with your needs in mind to provide the most benefit.

From standard practitioner to primary hospital, our team will help your staff focus on patient care, while saving you money on in-house dedicated janitorial staffing.

Whether we are working around internal procedures or shift changes, we customize our schedule to your facility.

From floor layout to patient flow, employee schedules and special use patient rooms, we take every factor into consideration to ensure your facility cleaning team operates as efficiently as possible.


What Does an EVS Worker Do?

EVS workers must perform a range of cleaning and maintenance services that are tailored to meet the facility’s needs. Their responsibilities range from general cleaning and trash removal to more in-depth and highly skilled deep cleaning of specialized areas such as operating rooms or patient rooms.

These service providers have extensive experience and training in working with sensitive medical equipment and supplies and maintain updated knowledge of infection control protocols. These workers must be flexible enough to work around the schedules of patients and staff, and level-headed enough to perform quality work in a stressful and fast-paced hospital environment.


Is EVS a Janitor?

No, EVS is not the same thing as standard janitorial work. While many people may assume that an EVS worker is a janitor, they have a degree of higher training to ensure that the risk of healthcare-related infections are greatly reduced.

For any healthcare facility, having an EVS worker to disinfect operating rooms and units between patients is a critical part of reducing risk for professionals and patients alike.

EVS workers like those at Pinnacle Healthcare are the first line of defense against viral outbreaks, pathogen containment, and infection reduction.


EVS Certifications

EVS workers are the first line of defense in preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and ensure that every area within a facility is deep-cleaned quickly and efficiently, handling medical equipment properly and ensuring the comfort of patients and staff alike.

At Pinnacle, we ensure that all our cleaning staff is thoroughly trained in EVS certifications and stay up to date with the latest infection control protocols and outbreak procedures.

Additionally, our staff always wear proper personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety and ability to keep from spreading potentially harmful HAIs.


How EVS Hospital Cleaning Impact Patient-Centric Care

Patient-centric care has been a priority for many facilities in recent years, as more hospitals recognize the need to improve the experience of healthcare services, shorten the timeline before patients are seen, and improve overall care the medically trained staff provides.

Medical professionals face an ongoing battle with healthcare-associated infections, and if a facility member falls ill, it can significantly impact the quality of patient care. Therefore, quality of patient care includes the proper sanitization of rooms between cases but is most apparent to the patient in how they are treated and how quickly they are seen.

Hiring a EVS janitorial service from Pinnacle allows your staff to focus on care and medical responsibilities to patients, while improving the timeline of each patient visit by ensuring rooms are properly cleaned between patient turnover and staff remains dedicated.


Overcoming the Challenges Faced by EVS Providers

The future of healthcare environmental services is going to continue moving towards green cleaning products and practices. While this might be a challenge for some EVS providers to adapt to, Pinnacle is already making a shift, allowing clients to keep their facilities clean while doing their part for the environment.

Additionally, we believe that as technology continues to advance, it will require more knowledgeable EVS staff to properly maintain these facilities. At Pinnacle, we strive to always stay ahead of the latest innovations and be aware of clients’ individual facility needs.


Choosing An Environmental Services Company

Hiring the right healthcare environmental services company benefits your facility’s cleanliness and improves the quality of patient care. You should always hire an experienced and certified EVS hospital contractor to work on your facility.

By choosing the right EVS company, you ensure that your facility is following the latest infection control guidelines to maintain premier patient care.

Pinnacle Healthcare Environmental Services is the top choice for facilities across the greater Philadelphia region.

Having served clients for over 30 years, we know what it takes to maintain cleanliness a healthcare facility. You have patients to take care of, so let us take care of the in-between.


Pinnacle Healthcare Environmental Services

Certified in EVS cleaning, our team adhere to the latest infection control guidelines to help manage the cleanliness of your facility, providing a firsthand defense against viral outbreaks, pathogens, and improving the quality of patient care.

Pinnacle Healthcare Environmental Services has a proven track record providing quality services for facilities of all sizes, and we are always looking for ways to improve and provide more value to our clients. Excellence and quality of services is what sets us apart from other providers.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Our team is happy to discuss your facility’s needs and provide you with a free estimate.